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Get to know the elements of successful business practice

How do you automate your business?

OK, we know - hundreds of Excel spreadsheets, communication over the phone, thousands of print-outs. Without them you are unable to drive your business. Is that you? Or probably you are one of those who already have one or more software solutions on-site and are asking yourself "Why am I supposed to use several applications for different areas of my business?" - is that you? Or probably you already have a large ERP or CRM solution that costs you a fortune and you are asking yourself if that's the right price for it? Is that you? Well, whoever you are and whatever business you are trying to run, we are here to help you. Remember: an expensive software solution doesn't necessarily mean success. The key to success has many faces: are your employees ready for a change? is your business growing outside of control? do you identify key-users in your team? do you have the time to flip the switch? Let's talk about it!

What do we offer?

ERP, CRM and BI - these 3 abbreviations hold the most part of the power when it comes to business applications. Our team has many years of experience with Oracle NetSuite - one of the main ERP systems on the world market today. Whether you want a better way to manage your financials, your accounting, your warehouse, your store, your manufacturing process - the ERP solution is there for you. Want to improve your relations with your customers? CRM is the magic word. Whether delivered as part of the ERP solution or as a stand-alone system, we will help you to analyze your business processes in the field of Marketing, Sales and Service - the main areas where a CRM system comes in handy. And finally, let's analyze your results - our team has completed many projects in the self-service BI sphere (mainly with Power BI and Tableau). Irrespective of the product you are using to run your business, a BI application will totally change the way you look at your business and you will never lose the big-picture perspective of it.